GobStoppers Retro sweetie jars


I have a very sweet tooth so when I was offered the chance to review a jar of sweets of my choosing I couldn’t resist.

The Click and mix jar from The Gobstopper, a local sweet shop is a fantastic 0.5ltr clip top kilner jar that can hold three varieties of sweets of your choice.

At £9.99 I do think it is quite expensive for the amount of sweets inside but if you take into account the fact that a 0.5 ltr Kilner jar costs quite a bit and it makes a fantastic gift in which you can personally choose the receivers favourite sweets then I think the cost is actually really reasonable.

I selected Cherry BonBons, fudge and chocolate nibbles and loved them all. The jar kept them extremely fresh even though it took me a few weeks to eat them so is perfect for slow nibblers. It was really hard to choose what to include in my jar as there were so many retro sweets available on the Gobstopper website. I don’t think I would select the fudge again as it took up a lot of room and even though it was very yummy I would have loved to have fitted in even more delicious sweets.

I hope to take a trip down to visit the Gobstopper shop at some point to have a good look at all of their sweets but I had better make sure I only take a small amount of money with me or I would be buying up the whole shop.