Déjà vu

It’s August and my calendar looks frightfully familiar.

In the next few weeks I would have done Butlins, Paultons Park and Lollibop.

Ok they are completely out of sync but these were the three places that made me realise Elizabeth was seriously ill.

Today we arrived at Butlins for our summer holiday, last year we can straight after Lollibop and then from Butlins to Paultons Park.

We have seen loads of our favourite redcoats already today and we ran into the Skyline Gang earlier today who were happy to see us back. I don’t think anyone but me realises how poignant this holiday is.

Earlier the Déjà vu really kicked in as we sat down to watch the Skyline Gangs Magical Masquerade ball show. It was at this point last year that Elizabeth decided to miss this show and watch a film on her tv instead that I began to take her moaning about being tired a bit more serious. This was and is one of her favourite shows. She sat on my knee tonight, singing along, with her hair starting to grow (but still being mistaken for a boy) and a smile on her face and I begin to realise it has been nearly a year since my life got flipped upside down (I almost wanted to start rapping the lyrics to the fresh prince of Bel air here).

I suppose at we visit Lollibop and Paultons park again over the next week I will have more Déjà vu moments but for now I am thankful that we have got this fair and I am counting down the three weeks left to go before we hit the one year anniversary of her diagnosis of a child with cancer.