KidZania – The best play place we have ever visited

During the October half term, I arranged to take my girls along to KidZania London which is inside the Westfield Shopping Centre. I had heard a lot about KidZania before we visited from friends and other bloggers so I was very interested to see it for myself.

KidZania is a city where your children’s imagination will be in overdrive. On arrival at Kidzania, you have to check in through the British Airways arrival hall. It is here that each child will be given 50 KidZos and a map to the city. All of the activities within the city are for children only although grown ups can take rides as a passenger on the tour bus and can also watch shows in the theatre.

Whilst in KidZania the children have to choose what activities they would like to take part in. Some activities earn them more KidZos and some activities costs KidZos. There are staff on hand at each location to help the children know what they need to do.


The city is huge and there are more things than you could possibly do in one trip, in fact, I think you would need about 10 trips to take part in every single activity so this is definitely somewhere you can keep returning to if you live close by.


Both of my girls absolutely loved their session at KidZania and they have already been asking about when we can return. They spent their time crawling around the air condition ducts, solving crimes, putting out fires, creating adverts, delivering parcels, drilling teeth, leading a tour of the city, making ice-cream, looking after the vault and so much more. Check out this video to see what they got up to.

Each session in KidZania takes four hours and I would recommend booking the first or last session of the day to ensure that your kids get the most out of their experience. It isn’t cheap and costs around £30 per child aged over 4 and £16.50 per grown up (although if your kids are 8 and over you don’t need to accompany them). I still think that for the experience that they have this is a really good price and once Alison is 8 it is definitely somewhere I would be happy to leave them whilst I do some shopping in Westfield.

Did you know that KidZania also host a few special grown up only events? They look like lots of fun and definitely something I would be interested in trying out.


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