iFly – Fabulous family fun that makes a great gift too

A few weeks ago, we were invited along to our local iFly indoor Skydiving centre as a family to try out this fun activity. Now I had heard of this previously but I always assumed that my girls would have to be a bit older to take part so was amazed that you only need to be 3 years old to have a go.

Unfortunately, my husband was working on the day that we visited the iFly Indoor Skydiving centre  so it was just myself and my girls who got to participate. We started on the flight deck where we got to watch other participants in their flight before being taken through to the training room. It was here that we learned all about the position we would need to place our body in and how to enter the wind tunnel. We also learned the variety of hand signals our instructor might use and what they meant.

As the bravest of the lot of us, Alison went first and it didnt take her long before she was flying without the help of the instructor. In fact, she made it look really easy.

iFly Indoor Skydiving

I went after Alison and it was definitely not as easy as she made it seem. I never thought straightening my legs could be so difficult. However, I soon got that hang of it and enjoyed my flight. Elizabeth was the last in our group to have a go and enjoyed it so much she asked if we could book to come back again.


We had an amazing time at the iFly Indoor Skydiving centre and it is definitely something that we will look at doing again as a family. If you have an adventurous person who you are struggling to buy a gift for then I would definitely consider buying a iFly indoor skydiving experience voucher. They have three centres across the UK in Milton Keynes, Basingstoke and Manchester and they usually have some great offers on their website. To find out more visit iflyworld.co.uk