Italian Gift hampers with Ciao Gusto

I was challenged to create a fabulous Italian Gift Hamper that would make a brilliant Christmas gift using the products available from the Ciao Gusto shop from Ocado. Ciao Gusto are a family of famous Italian food and drink brands, who are working together to spread the love of Italian food and culture. Each brand member of Ciao Gusto share a common heritage and devotion to quality so I knew that the hardest part of the challenge will be trying to choose what not to include.

With a £50 voucher and all of the amazing products from Ciao Gusto shop to choose from I had to decide how I was going to theme my hamper. I was looking at creating a foodies hamper with some of the amazing Pasta products or even a wine hamper sampling some of the amazing bottles. However, I opted for an after dinner hamper. I decided that when I visit someone’s house over Christmas I could take the hamper with me so I can provide the after dinner food and drink.


To me, after dinner treats consist of either cake and coffee or wine, cheese and crackers. The Ciao Gusto shop was the ideal place to shop for these items and the £50 was enough to be able to satisfy both of these treat options.


I bought two packets of Colussi Crackers, some Parmareggio Butter and a selection of three Auricchio cheese’s including a fabulous looking Fondue with a dish included.  As you are never sure if someone prefers red or white I opted for both and ordered a bottle of both a Zonin Merlot and a Zonin Soave.


When it comes to sweet treats, snacks and coffee, there was an abundance of choices. The two Bauli cakes are huge at 400g and they also had a 450g Torta Tiramisu which I could have chosen. I am a huge fan of Lavazza coffee and I love it strong so opted for the Tierra ground coffee. I also decided to get some snacks so opted for the Alfredos Amica chips in two different flavours and some Colussi Granturchese which are a light breakfast cookie but I think they are a delicious with a cup of coffee.

All in all, I think my After Dinner hamper would make a great gift and one that I would happily receive myself.

You can find out more about Ciao Gusto on their Website or purchase some of their products from their shop on Ocado.