Hot Ice at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Has it really been three weeks since the bank holiday? I can not believe that the time has gone so quickly.

We have done so much and seen so much and I still have yet to write about half of it. This week my mission is to tell you about all of the adventures we have had in the last three weeks starting with Bank Holiday Monday.

A warm sunny day, in fact a complete shock because bank holidays are renowned for being miserable we decided to pack a picnic and head to Lytham St Annes.

We had been promising Alison a family day at the beach since her sister visited with school and so with us all having a rare day together we packed our picnic and off we went.

The day was fantastic from paddling in the local fountain to playing in the sand on the beach the children had a brilliant time. As the day turned a bit colder we headed up the beach to Blackpool. We had been given a family ticket to see the Hot Ice show at Blackpool pleasure beach. It was a late show so we parked up and went to get some fish and chips before the show started.

I have thought about going to the show many times especially when we have been at the pleasure beach and they have been announcing the matinee show. The pictures of the skimpy costumes were what put me off but we decided to give it a go and we were promised that it was a family show.

In fact the show was amazing, the girls were both mesmerised and they loved watching the graceful skaters and brilliant costumes. The music and mood changes were brilliant and the variety of costumes used were fabulous.

Elizabeth really liked this one skating pair, they did most of the lifts but what Elizabeth loved most was the fact that she had really short hair and yet she still looked beautiful.

Alison surprised us all by being the one who enjoyed it the most, she begged for a DVD of the show which I bought from the merchandise stall outside and she absolutely loved it. She still asks to watch it now three weeks later.

The Hot Ice show has finished for the season but we look forward to the show again next year and will definitely make an effort to go and see it.

Unfortunately I was unable to take photos whilst I was watching the show but do have a look at the gallery on the Hot Ice website for some ideas about how the show looked.