Family Friendly Restaurants – Las Iguanas new Spring Menu

On Tuesday we headed along to our local Las Iguanas to sample their new Spring Menu. We have neer been to a Las Iguanas restaurant before but I checked out the menu and knew straight away that it was somewhere we would like to try.

The kids menu came on the back of a fantastic folded paper activity sheet that featured Shaun the Sheep. Some of the kids menu items were not very exciting with the standard chicken, fish, pizza, macaroni cheese and burger however they did also offer a variety of tacos and quesadillas although both girls opted for the cheese pizza.

I was really impressed with the portion sizes as both girls got half a large pizza each. For £5.90 you get a main course, a dessert and a drink which is fantastic value.
Moving on to the  grown up dinner we opted for the bread platter and some olives to share as a starter (although they unfortunately didnt have any of the cheesy dough balls available).
We then opted for 5 items from the tapas menu. At Las Iguanas at the moment a kid eats free for each main meal purchased by an adult. If opting for tapas one child eats free for 3 items or two children eat for free for 5 items.

We wanted to sample the new items on the menu so we chose the Fiesta Espanada (Roasted butternut squash, mixed leaves, carrot, cucumber, salsa criolla, smoky roasted tomatoes & fresh avocado, tossed in a poppy seed dressing. Topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, charred corn & roquito peppers), Dadinhos (crispy cubes of smoked cheese served with a sticky chilli jam), Ceviche (which is described as Sustainable raw white fish cured in “Tiger’s milk”; a lime, ginger & Amarillo chilli dressing, with carrot, pink pickled onion, roquito pepper drops & topped with coriander & sweet potato crisps), nachos and Havana club & Jerk BBQ glazed pork ribs (pork ribs covered in a sticky rum glaze, topped with crispy onion & chilli).  We also had sweet potato fries and patatas bravas on the side.

The fiesta ensalada was full of flavour, crunchy and fresh. The patatas bravas took me back to memories in a spanish cafe with an authentic flavoured sauce. The Ceviche was surprisingly delicious, I wasnt sure I would enoy the raw fish but decided to try it on recommendation and was really surprised as the flavours all combined really well and I loved the roquito pepper drops. The girls helped us to eat the nachos and we were really impressed with the quality of the tortilla chips which were crunchy and full of flavour. The Dadinhos were the first thing to disappear from their plate with us all enjoying the crispy cheese cubes and the chilli jam dip. The ribs meat fell of the bones and was full of flavour.

After eating all those dishes we almost skipped pudding but one look at the dessert menu and we decided to force ourselves. Adam chose the most delicious Dulche De Leche Macadamia cheesecake which he refused to share with me although he did let me have one tiny mouthful just to tease me. I ordered 6 churros with a dulce de leche sauce and a chocolate ganache. The churros were crispy and light without being oily and the sauces were thick and flavouresome without being too sweet and sickly. Unfortunately, I had to share them with the girls and Elizabeth really enjoyed them and helped herself to three!
All of the food was well cooked, well seasoned, full of flavour and something I want to eat again.

We only sampled a small amount of the dishes on the menu but we already want to go back to try some of the other items and we will now include Las Iguanas on our list of family friendly restaurants to visit when we fancy something tasty.