Disney Pixar Rummy

We were sent this Disney Pixar Rummy game by Esdevium Games and it has been a hit in our house. The game is for ages 4 plus and works with 2 to 4 players. Reminiscent of the classic card game but in an easy to understand format it used plastic tiles in four different colours to represent the four suits of the cards. The tiles are numbered 1 to 13 and feature 13 different popular characters from Disney Pixar films.
The game can be played in two different ways depending on the age of the children you are playing with. The Junior version is recommended for age 4 plus and is a memory matching game and the Family version is recommended for ages 8 plus and is more like the classic Rummy game. We did find that actually both girls (aged 6 and 7) were able to pick up the rules of the Family Version easily so you can play this with younger children depending on ability.
In Junior Mode you take it in turns to turn over two tiles and see if you can make a pair based on the character or colour (they do not need to be sequential). If you make a match you get to keep them, if not you have to put them back and it is the next persons turn.
In family mode each player takes six tiles and places them on their tile holders. There is also four tiles in the middle of the playing area which any of the players can use. The aim of the game is to get rid of your tiles by creating families or runs of tiles. You start by creating pairs based on either a family of the same character or a run of numbers in the same colour as below. You can add cards to anyones number families. If you cant play a tile you pick one up from the face down tiles still on the table.
This is a great introduction to the classic game of Rummy and as a good memory game. The pictures are lots of fun and make it easier for younger children to make the pairs.