My Silentnight Miraform bed is my #MySleepSecret

If you follow me on social media you may have seen my excited tweets and instagrams talking about my new Silentnight Miraform bed that was delivered last Wednesday. You may also have noticed a distinct lack of late night activity on those channels. You see I have found my happy place and that consists of being propped up on my bed reading my kindle. In fact I have read 3 books in the last week! This does however mean my to-do list is suffering but I am definitely more relaxed and find I am asleep by 11 most nights instead of 1 or 2 am.

The bed I was sent is a Miraform 4 drawer divan with a medium firm Miraform mattress and Trevino headboard. I chose it in a Slate Grey colour although I also loved the bed in heather too.

Having the divan base with 4 drawers has really increased our bedroom storage, something we really struggle with due to the size of our room.

The Miraform mattress is a springfree mattress that incorporates either memory foam or geltex for amazing support that adapts to each individual sleeper.  Although it took a few days to get used to it like any mattress would, I have found it to be extremely comfortablle and supportive. I used to wake up with a bad back and it is something I have been used to since I had my first epidural with Elizabeth. Having a bad back was just part of my life but after just a week I can already feel the difference in the mornings. The mattress has a washable removeable cover that helps to prevent house dust mites which will help us keep the mattress clean and fresh.
When the bed was delivered it was also assembled for me so I can’t comment on how easy or hard it was to put together but they managed to do it quickly and easily without any obvious problems.

My bed used to just be somewhere to sleep but now I find myself waiting to go upstairs earlier in the evening. I have even considered taking my laptop up there during the day and seeing whether it is a good place to work from too but I have so far managed to resist and keep it as my private sanctuary away from the stresses of my computer and my to-do list.

My bedroom has become my favourite room in the house and it is all down to this bed.

I look forward to working with SilentNight over the coming year and sharing some of my tips to getting a good night sleep and making your bedroom the perfect environment in which to do that. If you have any tips you would like to share please do using the #MySleepSecret or by commenting below.