The Enchantment of Chester Zoo is back this half term

Last year we went to the very first Enchantment of Chester Zoo during the October Half Term. The event which is included in the zoo admission costs is in partnership with Wild Rumpus who create wonderful events such as The Lost Carnival and the Just So Festival.

The Enchantment of Chester Zoo last year took us on an adventure to learn more about the animals involved and to collect potion as we journeyed around the zoo. We started at the beginning where we were told all about the mission and how we could help the animals.

We met loads of the different performers dressed up as different animals who helped to tell the tale and set us on the right path. The girls had lots of fun and really enjoyed learning about the different animals. We met tarantulas, bats, owls, aardvarks and aye-ayes.

This year the visitors to The Enchantment of Chester Zoo will get to learn about the sleeping habits of orangutans, sloths, moths and giraffes. You will encounter musical giraffes and stilt-walking moths and even an acrobatic sloth among other characters. These fabulously costumed performers will help all of the visitors to gather the knowledge they need to gain access to Owl HQ and break the sorcerer’s spell which will save the zoo from falling asleep forever. We are very excited to attend and see the amazing spectacle come to life.

As The Enchantment of Chester Zoo is a free activity with your normal Chester Zoo entrance fee it really does have added value and if you are looking for adventures to do this half term then a visit to the zoo should definitely be on the cards. Not only do you get to experience The Enchantment of Chester Zoo but you will also be able to visit all of the other animals and attractions. It might be a little bit chilly but wrap up warm and get outside this October for some animal adventures.

The Enchantment of Chester Zoo is most suitable for families with children aged 3 plus, but enjoyable for all.

The event is free with normal zoo admission from 21 – 31 October. Tickets can be purchased at

Early booking online is recommended to get the best possible admission prices.