Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom – Pandora The World of Avatar

We are huge fans of Walt Disney World. When we were planning our trip to Florida earlier this year we realised we could only spend one day there. One day to visit five parks is impossible so we had to choose which park or parks were the ones to visit. We opted for Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  We woke early and headed to Hollywood Studios. We used our fast pass options to secure access to our three favourite rides – Tower of Terror, Star Tours and the Rock n Roller coaster which meant we were able to leave Hollywood Studios just after lunch and head across to Animal Kingdom to explore Pandora – The world of Avatar.

The one thing I absolutely love about Disney is the attention to detail and the effort that they put into the environment in each of the different areas. Just walking into Pandora – The world of Avatar and you automatically felt as though you had been transported to a foreign land as the greenery takes on a new strange look.

The whole area looked alien and you could just imagine the Na’vi running through the trees above your head.

We had watched the film just before we left the UK to introduce the girls to Avatar as it was not something they had seen before and they both agreed that Pandora – The World of Avatar looked just like the film.

We loved playing on the drums in the centre where adults and children alike were delighted by the sounds made. We also caught the Swotu Wayä Na’vi Drum Ceremony which was played there later in the day and was brilliant.

As we had used our fast passes at Hollywood studios it did mean that we had to queue for the Pandora – The World of Avatar rides. The biggest queue was for Avatar Flight of passage so we decided to give this a miss and instead opted for the Na’vi river journey which was visually amazing and you really felt immersed in the culture of the Na’vi due to the chanting of the Shaman of songs who you meet at the end.

Pandora – The World of the Avatar is a wonderful place to visit and immerse yourself in this strange land with themed restaurants and shops helping you to get in the mood as well as the amazing scenery that transports you away from Florida and into the heart of the Valley of Mo’ara with its floating mountains, bioluminescent flowers and wonderful water features. Just make sure you take the time to look around so you can really appreciate the effort that has gone into creating this amazing place.

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