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I was worried that being stuck on a boat for eight days would have us tearing our hair out with boredom. But with Carnival Vista entertainment was available no matter where you looked and even though we didn’t do everything we managed to fill our days with fun. The highlight for the girls has to be the pools, water slides and  splash park and we spent many hours not only relaxing on the sunbeds watching them have fun but joining in too. The two water slides were loads of fun and the Kaleidoscope slide which you ride down on an inflatable ring was so awesome that even I kept going down it and I don’t normally bother with water slides.


Other fabulous outdoor entertainment includes activities such as the Sky Ride, Sky course rope course and the sports green which includes pool tables, mini golf, outdoor gym areas  and an area for football or basketball.

sky ride



When it came to indoor entertainment we spent a fair amount of time in the arcade which kept the kids happy but my purse wasn’t too happy. We also managed to catch a few shows in the liquid lounge including the fabulous Seuss-a-palooza and Flick which were both brilliant.


We also loved the Thrill Theatre and watched the cartoon classics show with the kids and the scary one when the girls were in kids club. With moving chairs, water, wind, and more the 4D experience was absolutely brilliant and I wish we had watched all of the shows available.

There was a huge amount of entertainment available all day from quizzes, comedy shows, live music, pub games, game shows, bingo and so much more. We didn’t join in with any of the Deck parties but they did look brilliant and certainly something we will look out for on our next cruise.


When looking for a bit of quiet time then we headed to Bookville which was the ideal place to chill out and there were loads of Dr Seuss books to borrow.


I can’t talk about the entertainment without talking about the kid’s clubs. Split by ages Camp Ocean was home to the Penguins, String rays and Sharks and they had a full schedule of activities. In fact, Alison had so much fun in kids club she didn’t even want to come to the beach with us when we got off the boat. I have never known her to enjoy a kids club as much as she enjoyed Camp Ocean and every morning she couldn’t wait to get there and every evening she wanted to stay until the very last moment.


We didn’t manage to experience even a half of the entertainment available on board Carnival Vista and yet we were never bored. We can’t wait to get back on board a carnival ship and experience even more of the cruising life.

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  1. I’ve only recently started looking at cruises for a family holiday. They look jam packed with entertainment for kids, so good! I think mine would want to live in that water park.

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