Barbie Star Light Adventure Doll and Flying Cat

When it comes to dolls Elizabeth can either love them or hate them so getting sent them to review can be a bit tricky however I knew we were on to a winner with the Barbie Star Light Adventure Doll and Flying Cat as soon as we saw the advert. Although we have yet to watch the Barbie Star Light Adventure Movie Elizabeth was amazed by the fact that this doll comes with a flying cat on a lead so we had to see if it lived up to expectations.

Barbie Star Light Box

Barbie Star Light Adventure Doll and Flying Cat takes 4 AAA batteries which are not provided. They are inserted into the back of the Barbie doll in a compartment that is closed by a screw. You also need to attach the blades to the top of the flying cat, these clip on easily but  you do need to be gentle when doing this.

To connect Barbie and the flying cat you need to plug the lead into her right hand. This will then complete the circuit and allow the cat to have power. Getting the cat to fly is really simple. Just press the button on the back of Barbie’s leg whilst holding the bottom of the cat or whilst it is stood up on a flat surface. You need to keep your fingers and hair away from the blades to prevent injury.

Taking a flying cat for a walk is lots of fun and Elizabeth really enjoyed flying it around the room. The effect os really good and much better than I expected and I love the fact you don’t need to wait for anything to charge so you can literally put everything together and away you go.

Barbie Star Light flying

Barbie Star Light Adventure Doll and Flying Cat is definitely a hit in our house and it is so good to see dolls that are less about fashion and beauty and that have some really awesome features. Playing with this doll has made us want to watch the movie now so I have ordered it from Amazon to see exactly what Barbie and the Flying cat get up to on their Star Light Adventure.

Barbie Star Light flying cat