Butlins Day 2 – Tuesday 6th September

Found one problem with the hotel, there is no door on the kids bedroom which means they woke me up a lot last night.

Anyway at 7:45am we headed down for breakfast with two very excited toddlers who wanted to have breakfast with Billy bear and Ludo the dinosaur.

They didnt really eat much but they did have lots of fun.

Next up was the Little Big Club, this is an hour and a half or two hour show depending on the day that has 4 redcoats as little big club members, they are visited by different HiT characters throughout the show. Today we were visited by Pingu who did exercises, Bob the Builder and Wendy who had a surprise party and Barney, BJ and Baby bop who went on an imaginary journey to the beach. If you are put off by the length of the show you dont need to be, my two sat there for the whole show and we enjoyed a well earned costa coffee.

After the little big club we popped into the holiday shop to discuss our next break, the staff were very helpful and it had a great little play area for the kids whilst we discussed coming back at christmas.

Elizabeth wanted to go to watch the puppet castle so off we went, in fact we watched puppet castle a lot today. They only do two shows but the kids love them and are happy to sit through them again and again.

We head over to the main stage in the pavilion to take part in Imagine with Billy, it is an interactive show in which the children guided by Billy and the redcoats go on a magical journey using their imaginations. They head to the beach on there magic coach and build sandcastles, throw frisbees and have a picnic before heading back to the skyline pavilion. This show was a bit old for Alison although she played along she didnt really understand it but it was perfect for Elizabeth who really enjoyed making her own backpack and deciding on its colour and joining in with all the imaginary activities.

The skyline gang have a few shows on today including two of our favourite ones, Junk Funk where the audience join in drumming with the Skyline gang and Party Pod where they dance and sing along to songs like I am the music man whilst being in the magic circle with the children. Both of these shows are really good for Skyline gang fans as they are able to interact with the Skyline gang rather than just watch them on a stage.

Today we ate Burger King for dinner, not my choice I have to say. It was edible but slightly colder and slightly more expensive than if we bought it from a normal Burger King.

The last entertainment of the day and the one we look forward to most is Billys Magic Show, with a cast that includes Dino, Darwin, Daisy the cow and Rainbow the dog my kids love this show and with all the costumes, songs and effort that goes into this its easy to see why.

Once again it was off to put Billy to bed and go to sleep ourselves after a very busy day….yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz