Butlins Day 3 – Wednesday 7th September – Turners Restaurant

This is what the Butlins website says about Turners

At Turner’s you will find a warm welcome and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that is perfect for a special occasion or just for enjoying your meal in the company of friends and family.

They definitely got that right. With two young toddlers we wouldnt normally take them out to a restaurant like this but being at Butlins we thought that it is a family resort so surely the children would be welcome. The staff were amazing, they whisked the pushchair away and stored it out of site (we later found out it was in a large storage space near the toilets). Both children were given an envelope, inside was a packet of crayons and childrens menu with colouring and puzzle activities. The staff made us feel welcome and spent time talking to the children and making sure we were happy with where we were sat and that we were all comfortable. They did this with out fussing and with a very professional but friendly manner.

The menu was full of gorgeous sounding dishes and it was really hard to choose what to eat. Here is a sample menu.

I chose the roasted tomato and sweet pepper soup with rarebit toast to start as did the girls as they love soup. we were each served a bowl with the rarebit toast in it and then the soup was poured around it for you. The waiters set up a portable table and then placed all of the dishes on it before individually serving each of us. These little touches really made you feel that you really were somewhere special.

Hubby ordered a Warm cheese, red onion and sesame turnover. In plain english this means a cheese and onion pasty but what a pasty it was.

The flavours were amazing and the pastry was crunchy and soft at the same time. I almost wished I had ordered this myself but my soup was amazing. One thing that we noticed straight away was that the food consisted of very simple flavours but ones that were mixed perfectly making simple food taste amazing.

For our next course both myself and hubby couldnt help ordering the Chargrilled ribeye steak with slow roast field mushrooms and chips.

Our waiter forgot to bring us a steak knife but this was not a problem. Using my butter knife I had nearly finished my steak before the waiter noticed and apologised. The steak was of a really high quality and was cooked perfectly to my liking. The mushrooms were succulent and not at all greasy like most mushrooms like this tend to be. The girls were quite full by this point so we just ordered them some chips rather than a whole meal. The chips were lovely and chunky but cooked perfectly and had a nice golden brown colour. They were not greasy even though they looked as though they had been fried and all four of us enjoyed eaten them, even fighting over the last few.By the time it came to pudding we were all getting a bit full but you cant review a restaurant properly unless you eat all three courses so feeling justified we ordered puddings. I had a fresh fruit sundae and the girls had fresh berries. They only had strawberries in but that wasnt a problem for us, in fact it was better as I know how much the girls love there strawberries. Hubby ordered coconut rice pudding with homemade jam. I tried to get a photo of Hubby’s and Elizabeths pudding but unfortunately by the time I had taken my photo they had eaten all of there puddings. I take this to mean they were very nice. Mine was gorgeous, the ice cream in the sundae was very luxurious and although it was only vanilla it had a lovely taste and the texture was really creamy. The strawberries were very fresh and the cream was obviously fresh and not out of a spray can. It did have a cheery on the top but Elizabeth stole it before I had a chance to take the picture.

This is what Alison thought of her pudding

We then had a coffee to finish of our meal and the waiter even gave the girls some milk each in there cups as it was getting late and they were getting a bit tired.

All in all the food was amazing and the service was impeccable. We loved the friendliness of the place but you can also see yourself having a nice romantic meal here (if you can get a baby sitter or use the late night nursery service) or even a celebratory dinner with friends and family. Whatever the reason for visiting Turners I am sure you will not be disappointed and I know we will definitely be going back the next time we are at Butlins.

All opinions contained in this review are our own. We received this meal free of charge to allow us to review it as part of my Butlins holiday. We paid for our holiday in full.