Butlins Bognor Regis – Shoreline Hotel

Having just returned from our lovely holiday on the south coast at Butlins Bognor Regis I thought I would let you all know about our wonderful week away. As you, my readers will know I have two young girls Elizabeth who is 3 and Alison who is 2. Sometimes when you have children this young it is difficult to find a holiday that suits them. Children this age need to be entertained nearly constantly, they also need variety so they don’t get bored. One of the main things we have found is that they need to feel at home in the accommodation. This is why we choose Butlins.

Having been to all three Butlins resorts in the last two years we now only go to Bognor Regis, Why? because it is smaller, it seems designed for the younger clientele and it has the Shoreline Hotel.

Why is this so important? Guests at the shoreline get exclusive archery lessons (not that we have done those yet), they also have exclusive access to Billy Bears Bedroom. Billy Bear sleeps in the Shoreline Hotel, every night between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm the guests can go to Billy’s bedroom to tuck him into bed. This was a great way of getting my kids into bed as our room was on the same floor as Billy’s so they went straight there after putting him to bed.

Billy also reads them a story (you must book at reception on check-in) and has a special photoshoot in his bedroom too (you must book at reception on check-in).

Apart from Billy’s bedroom the Shoreline also has Character breakfasts. You need to book on to these at reception and they are very popular. The character breakfasts are between 7:45 and 9 am Usually two characters will come round each table and say hello to the children. You also get the option to take photos and give them a cuddle. We booked in a bed and breakfast, giving us access to these character breakfasts but also the freedom to try out different restaurants for our evening meal.

The bedrooms are built with children in mind, bright decor crossover bunk beds and free to hire bed guards. At the reception, there is a large selection of DVDs which are free to hire (with a £10 returnable deposit) and there are both adult and children’s DVDs available. With a DVD player in each room the whole family should be happy here, I know we were.

As for entertainment the what’s on guide details everything on and where to find it. There is also Splashworld, a soft play area and the tot’s funfair all of which are either in the skyline pavilion or attached to it, this means that if the weather is bad you don’t need to get wet to still have fun. There is lots to do outdoors including the larger funfair with merry go round, pirate ship and trampolines plus rides for bigger children. With lots of sports activities, there will be something for everyone.

So what did we do whilst we were there? My two love the characters and Puppet castle so we spent most of our time inside the Skyline Pavilion watching the shows and making new friends.

To show you just how action-packed our week was I will be issuing a new blog post each day detailing what we did, where we ate and what the kids (and us) liked best.