Butlins Bognor Regis and why we go back again and again

We have just returned from Butlins Bognor Regis for the second time this year and we didn’t want to leave. As huge fans of Butlins we are always telling people how much we enjoy it and we are always being asked what it is about Butlins that makes us go back for more.

You would think that with just three months between each visit that we might be a little bit bored but there were so many new shows this year that we actually struggled to see everything. One of the highlights of this visit was the opportunity to watch Diversity in action.  I actually wish we had booked the girls on to the dance academy as well but I wasn’t sure if they would enjoy it. Having now watched them in action they both showed an interest so if we visit when they are there again we will definitely book that for them.

Another new show for this break was the Danger mouse show. I don’t have any photos of this show but it was a ticketed show that lasted around 45 minutes and told the story of Danger Mouse saving the day from the evil Baron Silas Greenback who stole the diamond from the Queens crown to power his Robomop.

As well as these shows there was an increase in the number of Skyline Gang shows available for us to watch with It’s Magic and Carnival Crazy, which we saw in February, joined  by Dance with us and Pirate’s adventure. My girls love the Skyline Gang so it was a real treat to see the gang featured so often in the What’s on guide.

It wasn’t just the shows that had changed in these three short months. We were pleased to see that the new Traditional Fish and Chips restaurant and takeaway had opened as well as the fabulous new Promenade Studio where kids can take part in all sorts of arts and crafts activities.

Butlins isn’t just about the shows and there are always so many brilliant activities to enjoy both inside and outside that you really won’t be able to fit everything into one break. No matter how many times we visit we always manage to find something new to experience and we can’t wait to go back. In fact, we have already booked to return at the end of the summer holidays for Alison’s 8th birthday and the line up for that break promises even more fabulous entertainment that we have not seen before.

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