Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio by Hasbro

Even though Alison is nearly 8 years old she still loves Play-doh and getting creative so when I heard about Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio I knew we had to give it a try. The Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life studio allows you to bring your creations to life on your tablet using the Play-doh touch app.

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio is suitable for children aged 3 plus and comes in a large box. It contains 10 digital stampers, 19 cutters and tools, 7 tubs of Play-doh and 1 studio base.

The digital stampers have 5 character stampers and 5 action stampers. The five action stampers look a bit like play-doh tub lids and sit around the edge of the Shape to Life studio

Using the stampers and cutters create characters and shapes which you can then scan into the Play-doh touch app.

Scanning your creations is really simple and easy to do and the app will then make your creation so that you can play with them.

You can add some action shapes to get your character to dance, float, spin, fly or multiply and use the cutters to enhance the background and add designs to the world around you. Each of the characters unlocks a new part of the world for you to explore so it is worth making them all and seeing where you can visit. There is so much to the app that we have not yet unlocked and we are having lots of fun exploring and creating.

I can imagine that younger children will need help to ensure that their shapes and characters have defined edges to them which will allow them to be scanned easily. Alison has really enjoyed playing with this but I would recommend it for slightly younger players as the app is fairly simple to use and I can imagine she will become bored of this fairly quickly (although she hasn’t yet!)