Awesome day at Nickelodeon Land

Today we had an amazing opportunity to head up to Blackpool to review Nickelodeon Land in Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The weather this week looked perfect but I think it heard about our plans. Today we had one of those days where it was gorgeous sunshine one minute and raining the next. However, this may have worked in our favour, because although Blackpool Pleasure Beach was busy we didn’t really have to wait for any rides.

A Nickelodeon Land wristband cost £15 each and a Blackpool Pleasure Beach wristband costs £25 (over 12) and £20 (under 12) *all online prices*. If you have young children like ours then a Nickelodeon Land wristband is perfect. We were there from 10:30 am when it opened until 16:30 and we never needed to leave the Nickelodeon Land part. With 12 rides in total including a Rugrats Log flume, Dora the explorer rapids type ride and even a mini roller coaster there really was every ride imaginable but on a smaller scale. We only went on 10 of the 12 rides, skipping out the Airbender one and the Mr Crab one as the girls said these were too scary looking. However, of the 10 rides we did go on we went on them again and again and again.

Each ride is themed around a different Nickelodeon show from Spongebob Square pants, Rugrats, Dora, Diego, Backyardigans and the Wonder pets so there were so many bright colours and interesting things to look at. One of the things the girls liked most was the characters who were walking around. We got to see Chuckie, Dora, Spongebob, Patrick, Diego and Boots.

Whilst we were there we were recommended to eat in the Big Pizza Kitchen and I am really glad we were. It’s not often that we enjoy eating out as a family at a theme park but this has amazing. The Big Pizza Kitchen works on an all you can eat buffet basis. With five choices of pizza, two different kinds of pasta and a well-stocked salad bar it managed to cater for all four of our tastes really well. The pizzas had a lovely crust to them and the carbonara was full of lovely chunks of ham. The restaurant itself was clean, well decorated and nice and open whilst still being child friendly. I was even more shocked by the price, for an adult, it only cost £7.50 and for a child, it was £3.75. Considering the quality of the food it was amazing.

We had some amazing experiences today and we have unanimously agreed that we will have to come back again as we have all had an amazing time. Elizabeth and Alison also agreed on their favourite ride which was the Wonder Pets Big Circus Bounce which Alison must have been on at least 10 times. We worked out that the longest we had to wait was for two goes on the Diego Rainforest adventure ride which considering it was a Saturday in the summer holidays is amazing.

At the end of the day, we ventured into the Nick Shop to have a look at the goodies on offer and to see if they were reasonably priced. Straight away the girls were attracted to a table full of charms and bracelets, with some scepticism I walked forward expecting extortionate prices but instead I was pleasantly surprised. A silver or gold coloured charm bracelet cost £1.50 and then each Nickelodeon themed charm cost £1. There was Dora, Boots, Map and Backpack charms as well as Spongebob Square Pants themed charms. The girls each got the four Dora charms and a charm bracelet and I happily handed over £11 before heading back to the car for our journey home.