Ravensburger Alphabet Puzzle

The Ravensburger Alphabet puzzle pieces are all surrounded by lovely bright colours which enables the children to differentiate between the pieces very easily. The great pictures are clear and concise and there are no random ideas for the letters. The additional sheet that is included in the box details all the different ways you can experience the jigsaw with your child which is great starting place on colours, pictures and letter recognition. Although it is aimed at 3 years plus, Alison really enjoyed finding which picture came next using the top of the box.

The puzzle pieces are a really good size but I wish that they were on stronger card. The pieces are perfectly good for 3 years plus but with the image being the alphabet I am sure that parents with younger children like myself would like this to be suitable for them too.  Alison is still a bit rough with her jigsaws so although she wants to have a go at doing this one the pieces are just a little bit too thin for her to place them without damaging them.

Over all a great Jigsaw that has brilliant educational value and a definite thumbs up for the included activity sheet.

We received this puzzle for the purpose of this review as we are in the Ravensburger puzzle club.

You can buy this puzzle from Amazon for £4.79