The end of an era

As I sit here in the office watching the clock and waiting for 2:30 I have realised that this is the last day that I will be working in an office for a long time. I have never left a job before without having another office job to go to and apart from leaving to go on Maternity leave in which your brain is full of babies I have never had this feeling of freedom.

I know that as off tomorrow I am registered as Self employed and I know that in just over 2 weeks I will be taking on my first mindees in what will be my newest adventure in life but I still feel free. Maybe it is because I know I now have full control of my money and my taxes (as an accountant that is a good feeling) or maybe it is because i know that if the sun is shining I can go out for the day and enjoy it or if it is raining like today I can put my welllies on and jump in puddles with my kids. Wherever the feeling has come from I dont care