5 Globetrotting Families Who Will Inspire You to Travel

The idea of travelling with kids can be a bit daunting for new and not-so-new parents alike. However, you shouldn’t have to give up on your travelling dreams just because you have a tot or two, right? Travelling with your children is an amazing way to open their little eyes to new cultures and languages that will help shape them into more well-rounded kids, but how?

The trick is to start out small and go from there. Plan local family trips to give your kids a taste of what local wanderlust really feels like. Once they have a few 5-hour road trips and new activities under their belts, take the next step and plan a bigger adventure to a foreign country. Get them involved however you can—whether through reading Lonely Planet books before bedtime to learn about the local culture, playing with Google Flights to determine your itinerary, or signing up for language classes together to learn how to navigate your destination’s local language with companies like Listen and Learn or Coursera. The more they participate in the planning process, the more they will learn. And the more they learn, the better their understanding of the world around them will be.

Still not completely convinced on how to start travelling the world with your youngsters? Check out these 5 awesomely inspiring sets of parents taking on the world and exploring it with their kids!

  1. This Little Wandering

This Little Wandering is a blog run by Colorado-based mother of two, Kayla. Not only does her Instagram page offer some jaw-dropping photos of her family adventures together, but Kayla’s blog is a great source for tips on taking road trips and travelling the U.S. with your little ones in tow.

  1. Our Globetrotters

If you’ve ever dreamed of living abroad, then Our Globetrotters is the perfect go-to for some insight into the travels and adventures of an expat family. Keri’s detailed blogs will help you plan for those trips with the kids, and she’s a great resource if you’re planning a move to the Middle-East. Check out Our Globetrotters Instagram too!

  1. Traveling Canucks

The Traveling Canucks are a fun family of Canadians who believe that being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t travel and have amazing adventures too. Travel is definitely a priority for these spunky parents of two boys and they don’t shy away from sharing the ups and downs of travelling with kids. If nothing else, their colourful Instagram photos will surely bring out the traveller in you.

  1. Follow Your Sunshine

Follow Your Sunshine is a personal favourite, not just because of her dreamy Instagram pics, but also because the blog offers a very real look at living and travelling overseas with a child. From tips for travelling with a toddler to more personal topics like talking about miscarriage, Polly isn’t afraid to share every aspect of her life abroad with her readers!

  1. Travel Mad Mum

If you think your travel days are over now that you’ve got a little one, you need to take a look at Travel Mad Mum’s blog and Instagram page! Karen’s entire website is geared towards parents who love to travel and is chock full of practical tips and inspirational articles.

Hopefully, these globetrotting families have inspired you to get out there and start planning a little family travel of your own. In the meantime, live vicariously through all these families’ photos, adventures, and stories, and be sure to cheer them on from the sidelines!