Zoflora Warm Cinnamon Disinfectant

I hate cleaning, I hate the smell of the products, I hate actually doing the cleaning and I hate spending a fortune on a million different cleaning products to each do a different job.

I have memories of my Nanny using Zoflora when cleaning her pub but I cant remember it ever smelling as nice as it does now.

I love the smell of Christmas and I love only having one cleaning product. Zoflora has managed to do this. Their Warm Cinnamon Disinfectant makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I smell it and although its a small bottle once you have diluted it when it is brilliant and goes a long way. We have diluted it in different amounts of water for different jobs. With a small amount of Zoflora in a large amount of water I have a brilliant fabric freshener and with a larger amount I have a great surface cleaner. A Little bit more and I have an amazing floor cleaner and I even put a small amount in the hoover because that was starting to smell.

A very versatile product for a very reasonable price and with lots of different smells available i am sure you will find the one that you love most.

Zoflora gave me a sample bottle of Warm Cinnamon Disinfectant to review.