Halloween Half Term Fun


Over the last year I have looked on in envy as some of the bloggers I read received amazing parcels from Warner Bros but when I was offered Tom and Jerry Tricks and Treats and Scooby Doo! Big Top I only expected the DVDs.
The girls have had great fun gobbling down the sweets, sticking stickers all over my house and blowing bubbles on the furniture. I also had to go trick and treating as a cat.

I think that in future I shouldn’t covert the things other bloggers receive.

Only joking, the kids have loved this parcel and they loved both of the films as they are currently going through the transition from toddler channels to childrens channels so they are watching Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry a lot.

Thank you Warner Bros for helping find things to do on a wet and windy halloween!

We received the above parcel from Warner Bros.