Crazy Soap makes bath times Crazy and Fun


Crazy Soap Body Paint, Bath Goo and Crazy Foam seemed like my worst nightmare but the kids have loved playing with them and getting messy and the great thing is that they are getting clean as they get messy!

Alison’s favourite is the Bath Goo, she loves getting it on her fingers and is mesmerised when it is squished in her fist.

Hubby loves the Crazy foam and has great fun bouncing it off the walls and the sides of the bath as well as making funny shapes out of it. I was quite disappointed with the foam but only because it said it was green and really it was only tinged a tiny bit. However that didn’t actually stop it being any less fun.

My favourite had to be the Body Paint, drawing pictures on the children and then being able to wash it off was brilliant, I may have also used it in my own bath when the children weren’t around but don’t tell anyone.