ZBox – the monthly surprise geek box

As a complete geek I have been a fan of monthly subscription boxes for a while but found that the majority of them were based in the states and although the exchange rate meant that they were not overly expensive I hated waiting so long for them to arrive. As the main point of these boxes was that the content was a surprise I almost always accidentally saw other people share the content before my box had even arrived.

Last month I was asked if I would like to receive a ZBox. ZBox is a monthly surprise geek box sent out my Zavvi and each month it has a different theme and the box and contents will follow that theme. You can subscribe to the boxes in advance and the longer you subscribe the cheaper the boxes become or you can buy previous boxes (if they are still available for £19.99) so if there was one you really wish you had received you can check out the Past ZBoxs and see if it is still available.

When I found out that the Zbox that Zavvi wanted me to review was themed around Star Wars I knew I had to say yes, I love seeing new geeky Star Wars things and I was not disappointed. The Force box was one of the ZBox themed boxes that comes with a Tshirt. Not all ZBoxs come with Tshirts unlike some of the boxes that you can get shipped over from America but I have found from my own experience that the quality of the products inside the ZBoxs are a lot better and worth more than what you might find in similar boxes that always send a Tshirt.
Straight away I fell in love with the art work on the ZBox, each month the artwork inside the Zbox changes to match the theme and the AT-ATs lend themselves really well to this design.

I put the Tshirt to one side to begin with to really have a look at all of the other products inside the box.

Inside the box we received the new Force Awakens Gadget Decals (I have some of the old ones on my laptop and ipad so I will change some of these). A small poster of Kylo Ren and the Storm Troopers which Alison has put on her wall. An R2D2 USB Desktop Vacuum which I was actually looking at getting Gaming Daddy of Two for Christmas. A film cell from one of the original movies, we got a great one of Darth Vader but these will vary.

The ZBox magazine which shares information about the items included in the box as well as other facts and fun activities about Star Wars including an explanation into the different Lightsaber colours.

We also got a Zbox exclusive Marvel Comic called Star Wars Vader Down which follows the story of Darth VAder after his Tie fighter is shot down and he has to face the whole rebel fleet alone. It is a great comic with fantastic graphics and I enjoyed reading this with Alison.

Obviously the biggest item in this box is the BB-8 tshirt. You are able to specify your tshirt size when you sign up to one of the subscriptions but I wish you could also specify colour as I dont wear white yet it is such a great tshirt and if it had been printed on black, blue or even maroon I would wear it a lot. This is actually one of the reasons I stopped my subscription to the boxes that always contain tshirts because I am really fussy and a lot of them were just not suitable for me. As Zbox don’t put Tshirts in every box I can definitely cope with the rare occasion that they might get it wrong though and as all of the other items were so amazing Geeky and perfectly on Theme it is definitely a monthly subscription box I am happy to recommend.