5 reasons your kids will love the Harry Potter books

Sometimes the massive popularity of a book has come about for good reason, and one case in point is the Harry Potter series. It’s been nine years since the last Harry Potter book hit the shelves and the buzz around it has just about wound down. Next year it will be twenty years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone hit the bookshelves, which means that first generation of fans are now getting ready to introduce their children to Harry Potter. But do the books still stand up two decades on? Here’s five reasons why they do.Characters everyone can identify with

While fortunately not many children grow up having to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs, Harry Potter is a character plenty of children can identify with. Who hasn’t at some point wished they could leave their day to day lives behind and go to a magical place where everyone keeps telling you how special you are?

However, it’s the supporting cast that really makes it. Hermione has been an idol for book smart girls everywhere, as revealed by the warm welcome Noma Dumezweni received when she took on the role for the new Harry Potter play. The slightly weirder among us instantly gravitate towards Luna Lovegood’s spaced out charms, and everyone has had a day when they feel a little bit Neville Longbottom.

Teachers you wish you’d had

Who wouldn’t have wanted to take a few classes with Hagrid or McGonagall? Isn’t Dumbledore the head teacher you also wished for? Yes, the Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers all either turned out to be evil or died, but even the cruelty of Snape’s Potions class would have been worth it to experience the greatness of his powers.

A rich and vibrant world

As great as the people of Hogwarts are, it’s the magical world they inhabit that really draws us in. There’s a reason so many children have stared out their window waiting for a letter from Hogwarts. Of course, the school itself sounds like the education any child would choose, but even beyond the school grounds there are hundreds of places we’d all love to explore. Who hasn’t wondered what butter beer actually tastes like? Or wished they had a time spinner to get everything done?

There’s a reason thousands of people visit the Harry Potter studio tours every year. Everyone wants to get a slice of the Harry Potter magic.

A proper Good Vs Evil battleIt’s important for children to learn that nobody is really “good” or “evil”, we’re all just doing the best we can with what have and sometimes that leads to making bad choices.

That said, there’s a reason why Star Wars has leapt to the top of the box office, why Lord of the Rings is such a hit and also why the Harry Potter books continue to captivate all ages. We like to see the goodies fight the baddies. Especially if the goodies win.

The books grow with your children

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is one of the greatest childhood adventures. It has monsters, spells and friendship and nobody ever really gets hurt (apart from Harry’s parents, and that happens long before the story even starts). But the amazing things is that the 12 year olds who read that book when it was published were heading into their twenties when the final book came out, and still found something worth reading in there. As the children in the book grow older, the situations they face become more complex and mature. These truly are books that’ll last you a lifetime.