Fungus Amungus – the new super sticky, super icky collectable toy that kids love

Its not often that the toys I am sent come with a warning sign and protective clothing but with the new Fungus Amungus we were going to be taking no chances.

Fungus Amungus are the newest collectable launched by Vivid Imaginations and are so sticky and gross that you just know kids will love them.

We were sent a single pack and double pack to help celebrate the launch. We were also provided with some safety equipment to prevent contamination.

As we had never heard of Fungus Amungus Alison was not taking any chances and decided to read up on them before she chanced opening the packets.
The Fungus Amungus come in single packs and a variety of multipacks including the yellow Petri dish pack we received.  You can also get a Vac Pack which includes 5 collectable figures including one secret one. As well as the figure packs there are currently two other products available; the Toxic Chamber which can be used as a storage facility for the Petri Dishes or the Funguys and the Exgerminator which is a great storage product that squashes all the Funguys together and has a fantastic flinging action. I got to play with this at the Toy Fair earlier this week where they had set up a target on the wall and we were flinging the Funguys at the target using the Exgerminator. As the Funguys are sticky they stick to the wall and depending on the variety they can even roll down the wall too.


I can imagine that the Fungus Amungus will be a huge hit with kids around the age of 7 who love all things sticky and gross.

Check out the Fungus Amungus website where they have even released some fun webisodes to tell you more about the Fungus Amungus.