Worlds Apart Selfie Mic

One of the hot new products out this year is the Worlds Apart Selfie Mic. It has appeared on quite a few top toy lists so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and see what it was all about. The Worlds apart Selfie Mic is a microphone attached to an extendable selfie stick that comes with an ear piece so you can hear the music you are singing along too.


To get started you need to download the Star Maker Studio app. Within the packaging of the Worlds Apart Selfie Mic you get a code that gives you 1000 tokens to use on the app. Available in both hot pink and black and compatible with iOS and Android smart phones and ipods it is accessible by most users.

I downloaded the Starmaker Studios app onto one of the girls phones so that they could give it a try.


Now I want to approach this in two ways, first I want to talk about the selfie mic and then about the app. The Worlds Apart Selfie Mic is very well made and is of good quality, only the ear piece seemed a bit cheap but the whole thing overall is of a high standard.

When it comes to the app I was a bit disappointed. You get 1000 coins but this doesn’t last long when you want to perform some of the current songs and to really get a benefit from the app you would need to subscribe which isn’t cheap. In fact, a lifetime pass is around the same price as the Selfie Mic. I think I would have preferred the mic to be more expensive and the app completely free rather than have this hidden additional cost.


I am not sure if you can use other apps with the Selfie Mic but it is definitely something to look into. For me, I succumbed to pester power and just paid for the lifetime pass so that the girls could sing along to their heart’s content.

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  1. Now that is disappointing. I was looking to buy this for my twin nieces for their Christmas, but like you said I’d rather pay say £35 or so for the mic and a free app. Must remember to get vouchers to go with this for the app. xx

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