New Skylanders Imaginators

The girls have been fans of Skylanders since they were introduced to Skylanders Swap Force and we have a growing collection of the characters from the variety of games that have been released since. We recently received Skylanders Imaginators and I have to say that I was a little bit excited to see exactly how this game worked.


The main selling point of Skylanders Imaginators is that you get to create your very own Skylanders who you can then play within the game. To create a Skylander you need to have one of the Imaginators creation Crystals and the different crystal elements allow you to create different Skylanders. When you first get started you only have a handful of variations that you can use (although more than enough to create an awesome character). However, as you play the game you unlock different body parts, catchphrases and weapons.


The girls had great fun creating their Skylander but they did wish that they had more than one creation crystal so they could both play with characters that they made. You can buy additional characters and creation crystals and they have added some of these to their Christmas lists.


The game is played in much the same way as the older games. This means the girls can hit the ground running and just get on with the game which is great. As with the other games, some areas are locked and they require characters of a certain element. Unfortunately, you can’t use your old characters for these as they require Sensei’s which is annoying but exactly like it was in previous games.

We were sent the special Crash Bandicoot edition starter pack for the PS4 which means that we are able to play as Crash Bandicoot and access a special level. We haven’t got there yet but I am really looking forward to it.

If your kids loved the previous Skylanders Games then they will really enjoy this one and if you have yet to introduce your kids to Skylanders then Skylanders Imaginators could be the perfect introduction to this fun-filled world where your imagination really can influence your gameplay.