Wordsearch Junior by Drumond Park


As a child I loved doing wordsearches but it seems as though it is a mostly dying art. If it is not on an electronic device then the kids nowadays don’t seem to want to play it. I came across Wordsearch Junior at the Toy Fair in January this year when I visited the Drumond Park stand to check out all of their new games.

I immediately fell in love with the playing board and the varied levels of difficulty that can be played.

PicturePicture hints

Playing with Alison (just four) we used the pattern (blue) cards as this was easier for her to find. We played take it in turns so she didn’t feel rushed and this helped her develop her confidence in the game. She was soon telling me where my ones were.

With Elizabeth (5) we started on the (red) picture clue cards. Again we didnt take it in turns as it was only me and her playing and I didn’t think that would be fair but she was very quick and was able to find the words easily using the pictures as a starting point.


This led us onto the word only (green) cards. We are still using some of the easier cards like food and school. Some of the words are too hard for her to read but once I have helped her sound them out she is quickly able to find the word on the game board.

Both girls love being able to turn the game board and it moves really easily. Changing the game board cards is really easy although should be done by older people as the girls can be a bit rough with them and they are only made out of card.

There are 18 different game board cards consisting of 3 double sided cards in each colour/level of difficulty. You also get four different coloured game pieces that you can use to cover up the letters/pictures on the board.

This is a fantastic game that helps with reading, pattern recognition and memory skills. I highly recommend it and can already see Elizabeth’s reading improving and Alison is ready to move onto the picture hint cards as she has quite a bit of letter recognition.