Debenhams Dream Bedroom Competition entry

I have been meaning to write this blog entry for ages but I kept putting it off because I was still trying to find the perfect wardrobe. It seems that the Louis collection that I love from Debenhams doesn’t come with a wardrobe or large chest of drawers so it seems in my dream bedroom I will have to empty our built in wardrobes that we use for random crap storage and actually hang some clothes up in them. This does leave me open to buying a few of the gorgeous Louis Trunks to store said crap in which has got to be a good thing.

I have to select either Mammasaurus or Love Chic Living to judge my room but it is hard to choose as they both seem to have such different tastes from me with Annie going for bright bold colours (and the amazing rabbit lamp) and Jen being very white minimalist with the mustard colour scheme. I have decided to submit my entry to Annie because I am a bit alternative and she might appreciate it more, she is weird after all.

To start with I want to show you my ideas for my furniture.I can see myself having a wall under my window filled with the Three Drawer Metal Chests. We can fit six of them against the wall and then one either side of the bed as a bedside table and I think that would contain enough clothes for us both. That is half of our budget gone though but that is ok as they are amazing looking and so different. We would have two of the Metal trunks at the wall at the bottom of the bed just to store our crap. A his and a her trunk, hopefully this would stop him moaning about all the clutter I leave lying around. I fell in love with the Rebecca Bed and would add a Silent Night Miracoil mattress for £324.