Wet Head by Zing

I first saw Wet Head at the toy fair in January and there was a lot of buzz about it. Many people were talking about it being the next Pie Face and that got me quite excited to get my hands on it.

I have now had Wet Head in my house for a few months and it has taken me quite a while to get around to writing this review. The reason for this is due to the weather. You see Wet Head means getting wet and I really didnt want to get our carpet soaked so we need to play this outside. You can put less water in which would result in just your hair getting wet but it doesnt really have the same impact if you do that.

In the box you get the Wet head helmet and a spinner. The Wet Head helmet has 8 rods that are inserted in to the water container on the top of the helmet. One of them holds the water valve closed but when it is on your head you dont know which one it is. The helmet is held on your head using a velcro strap which goes under your chin which means it can fit heads of all sizes.
As well as the spinner that is in the box you can also download an app which allows you to either spin electronically or answer questions. The questions are quite hard so not suitable for kids and it would be good to see a kids version of questions which will keep the game play going longer.
Wet Head is a good concept but I dont think there is much game play to it at the moment and I would really like to see that improved. I also think that the hassle of moving the helmet from one person to another makes it tricky to keep the momentum going in the game but I still think that on a hot day out in the garden with a glass of wine in my hand that this would make a great game!