Family Fun at The Printworks Manchester

This weekends we actually had a whole weekend at home in Manchester together as a family. Hubby wasn’t working and we decided to take advantage of this to spend some quality time together at the cinema and by going out for dinner. The Printworks is home to the Odeon cinema and with the Angry Bird Movie coming out on Friday the girls voted that we watched that.
We usually go to our local Showcase cinema as it is only 5 minutes from my house but I have to say I was converted by the comfy seats and larger screens at the Odeon and with lots of other fabulous family films to see in 2016 I know we will be back soon.

After we finished watching the film, which was brilliant by the way, our stomachs were rumbling and it was time to go and get some food. The Printworks is home to lots of family friendly restaurants including Peachy Keens, Harvester, Nandos and more. We headed to Frankie and Bennys which is one of our favourite family friendly chain restaurants to fill our bellies full of goodness.

Now I am currently back on the wagon of Slimming World and I am doing well so I did some research and chose the Chilli calamari spaghetti which is not something I would normally choose but which I absolutely loved and will certainly be ordering again. It was actually nice to try something new because although I love Frankie and Bennys I do tend to order the same thing every time I go and had never ventured on to their pasta options before. We all really enjoyed our main courses and the girls managed to devour huge junior portions before asking if they could have pudding.

Now unfortunately pudding is my weakness and even more so when there is pecan pie involved but I did my research and opted for the cant choose pudding which gave me four tiny slices of puddings and a scoop of ice cream. I gave the ice cream to Elizabeth, the chocolate cake to Alison and removed the pastry from the citrus tart and pecan piebefore scoffing the fillings and the Oreo cheesecake. It was the best I could do and still enjoy myself and I basically write off two whole days worth of syns for that pudding but I reckon it was worth every mouthful.
With the Printworks in the centre of Manchester you can make it a full day of fun by shopping or make your way to the National Football Museum or the Museum of Science and Industry for lots of fun things to do as a family.