Vtech Switch and Go Dinos


Vtech have always been pretty good at working out exactly what the kids want out of their toys and this is no exception. A car, a dinosaur and it has noises and visuals, what more could a kid want. Oh and it has a volume control (what more could a parent want).


With the transformation being really easy to do and the screen displaying different things when in Car or Dino mode plus the noises changing too this really is one intelligent little toy.

Being a mum to young girls I know that my kids are quite gentle with toys so I decided to have a go at playing rough, I invited a set of triplet boys into my house to play with this and try as they might they failed to break it.

The hinges on the parts that transform are really well made and I think that at a rrp of £15.99 it really is a bargain.

There are lots of different dinosaurs available in different colours and if you were feeling really extravagant you could go for Brok the Brachiosaurus but at £49.99 its a bit out of my price range for a toy. We received a Wing the Pteranodon Switch and Go Dino for the purpose of this review.