Why we deserve to win.


Our stairs

When John Lewis gave me the opportunity to enter a competition to win a Hotpoint appliance I jumped at the chance. With the chance to win a washer dryer, washing machine or tumble dryer I knew exactly which one I would want. We have a really small kitchen so we only have space for one appliance and with the dryer bit on our washer dryer completely knackered we have taken to drying our cloths anywhere we can.

Don’t they look shiny

I had no idea that John Lewis sold washing machines but then I can’t say I ever really thought about it. I usually only look in John Lewis for gifts or clothes. To enter this competition I had to show you a picture of why we needed one of these so the photo above is why we need a washer dryer but I thought about another reason so I decided to show you this photo too.
These three here are the cause of most of our washing and with Elizabeth’s leukemia we are having to do even more washing as we have to change her bedding so frequently.

I cant think of a better reason for winning than those smiles right there.

This post serves as my entry into a John Lewis competition for the chance to win one of the three Hotpoint products listed above