Pump Pump Pumpazing


My girls loved Pumpaloons so when I saw that Drumond Park had brought out a new game called Pumpazing I knew it was definitely one for this crazy house.

Even the very small can play this game because all you do is pump the two handles until one of the brightly coloured Zingers comes flying off, you will be rewarded with a brilliant sound ranging from an “Uh Oh” to a “Boing”.

The game can be played at lots of different levels and with two players or more, there really is no end to how many play apart from your patience because believe me the kids just don’t get sick of it.

Zingy has a really gormless lovable face and his Zingers come in great colours that will have even the toddlers learning which colour is which as they watch it zip across the room. Just be careful to not be around any valuables as when they ping out they really can go just about anywhere.

We received Pumpazing for the purpose of this review.