Vivid Imaginations Talking Plush Lily Bobtail

Peter Rabbit brings back so many childhood memories and we have been watching the new animated series as a family so when we were asked to review a talking Lily Bobtail by Vivid Imaginations I couldnt say no.

Talking Lily Bobtail is a 10″ plush toy that is really well made. Her clothes are unable to be removed and she has a velcro pocket in her back which contains her voice box.
Press her tummy and hear her speak 7 phrases like “I know that for a fact” and “Now that’s what I call a strawberry raid!”. All popular phrases from the tv show.

If you have a Peter Rabbit fan I can definitely recommend this plush especially as the quality of it is so high and with the removable voice box they can cuddle up to it in bed without accidentally being disturbed.