St Helens Farm opening my eyes to Goats Milk

Last week I was very lucky to be the recipient of this fabulous Goats Milk hamper from St Helens Farm. Not only was there my favourite goats cheese but a new favourite in a mature cheese version too! Add to that three different types of milk, goats butter and some great tasting yogurts.

Firstly the goat teddy was taken away pretty quickly by Elizabeth, then the badges disappeared and soon the cups followed. That was ok because I still had the food and its amazing how entertaining some badges and cups can be to children.

The milk was sampled and enjoyed by all which was surprising. I had never had any goats milk products except goats cheese so I was interested to try the different yogurts. The large pot of goats milk yogurt with blossom honey was absolutely delicious and it didnt last long enough to share, the goats butter was fabulous meted on salmon fillers with lemon and the small mango and lime yogurts were amazing. The Blueberry and Rosehip ones were slightly weird but enjoyable once you got used to them.

I am hoping to use the other large tubs of yogurts in some recipes this week but so far I have to say that I am loving Goats milk products and Goats milk itself tastes great in my coffee and the girls are drinking it by the glass.