Creating a grand nursery on a budget

Creating a luxurious looking and comfortable nursery can be costly. There are several options for creating a gorgeous space without breaking the bank.

The idea is to shop wisely and pick out items that can function through several stages of a baby’s younger years. Items that will work in the space through the early education years are ideal.


When selecting furniture, keep the designs simple. Also, select items that can be painted or refinished to change a theme without having to purchase new items.

Something such as a crib that will convert to a toddler bed and then up to a twin size bed is ideal. One purchase can last up to ages 10 – 12. This is a smart buy that is easily changed in colour as a child ages.

Select chairs and tables that are also within the same theme. Being able to reuse furniture for different applications in the nursery is the way to go.


Accessories as far as wall hangings, pillows, throws and other decorative materials should be purchased while on sale or at a discounted price.

The reason for this is that a child’s interests will change frequently. Selecting items that are somewhat neutral in theme is the best idea.

Typical themes for young children include:

·         Flowers

·         Cars

·         Stripes and circles

·         Abstract wallpaper borders in appropriate colour schemes

·         Animal themes

Consider using wall decals. These come off very easily and are inexpensive to replace as your child’s interests change. The wall colours of the room should be somewhat neutral so that painting does not have to occur with each theme change.

Clean Crawling Spaces

Once babies realize that they can be mobile, a clean crawling space is required. A simple throw placed on the ground are ideal. These surfaces are soft and help to soothe a fussy baby at the same time.

Babies like to feel soft items on their hands, bodies and faces. Having a soft, clean space to crawl and play on is the way to keep them content.

Room to Grow

Ensure that the nursery space you create is not too small or too full of furniture. Children need room to grow. Use toy organizers and bins to keep clutter to a minimum. A net for toys is also a good idea.

A dream nursery is mostly about the theme. The price of the items in it does not matter as it does not speak for quality or functionality all of the time. Take this into consideration when creating the nursery.

Designated spaces for rocking, sleeping and playing should be laid out in the space. You will also need a designated space for storage, changing and clothing. A grand nursery should be a functional, tranquil and comfortable space.

This can be created on a budget and by shopping with longevity in mind. Shop clearance and sale sections for items that can be used and reused for several years.