Unicone Rainbow swirl maker

Back in September I saw the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker at BlogOn and I was really intrigued. I am an awful baker. I can cook the cakes but when it comes to decorating they just look awful. I decided to put the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker to the test to see if it can help me to create some deliciously gruesome Halloween Cupcakes with the help of the kids obviously.

The Unicone Rainbow Swirl maker comes in lots of different pieces that need to be slotted together and doesn’t include any of the ingredients you need however it does come with recipe cards so you can make your own icing. Putting the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker together was fairly easy as it all clipped together but once built it will not fit back in the box.

We used pre-made frosting (and cupcakes!) and I think this is where I went wrong as the frosting was a bit too thick. This meant it was hard to place the two different colours in the plunger.

I think if you make your own icing you would have it runnier that the stuff from these tubs which would allow the swirls to appear easier as we struggled with ours. I honestly don’t think that this was due to the product though as I have seen it in action using other frostings and it was perfect so just blame my laziness.

You place your cake or the included plastic cones underneath the Unicone and put the plunger full of frosting in the unicorns head. Press down on the plunger and the frosting comes out of the bottom in a nice swirl.

You also need to place some sprinkles into the Unicorns Horn. The horn is quite small so bear this in mind when selecting your sprinkles. We found the coloured sugar crystals were perfect for this.

Over all I was really glad that these cupcakes were for Halloween so that even though they look awful I can pass them off as gruesome cupcakes. We love the Unicone Rainbow Swirl maker but will certainly use the included recipe card to make the frosting in future to ensure the consistency works and the results look a lot more appetising that this does!

You can purchase the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker from Amazon (affiliate link below)