Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer AR

I love it when I come across a product that is not only educational but highly enjoyable and that is exactly what I found when I first saw the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer AR.

The SmartGlobe Explorer AR is a fantastic globe that can be used in two different ways.

You can use the rocket shaped smart pen to interact with the globe or you can download the Augmented Reality App to your smart device and interact with the globe in that way. Below I will show you both ways to play so you can see all of the amazing things that the SmartGlobe Explorer AR can do.

The SmartGlobe Explorer AR comes with the rechargeable and updatable Rocket shaped smart pen, the globe and a pull out tray that shows a local map allowing children to learn more about the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The globe comes with an in depth activity panel that allows you to access the different activities and set the age range. By adjusting the age of the person using the SmartGlobe you will change what information is shared and the complexity of the games. With age ranges from 5 to 15+ the content really does grow with your child and will support them through their learning at different stages.

The SmartGlobe Explorer AR allows you to learn so much about the different countries around the world and by keeping the smart pen updated (12 months of updates included with purchase) it will always include up to date news, leaders and other interesting facts. There are 42 different activities available in two languages (more languages can be downloaded). You are able to compare different areas to learn about time differences and the distance between places as well as so much more. In the find category you can play a variety of games that help you to improve your knowledge of the world and can even compete against other members of your family by increasing the number of players.

As well as the outside of the globe you can also remove it from its stand and open it up to show the solar system and learn how the earth is made up of different layers. The smart pen works in the same way on the globe when opened and on the pull out local map.

As I stated earlier the SmartGlobe Explorer AR can also be used with an Augmented Reality App downloaded on to a smart device.  When you start the app you have to scan the QR code for the SmartGlobe that you have purchased to ensure that the app is set for the right globe as it is the same app that is used for the adventurer SmartGlobe and the Day and Night SmartGlobe.

The app includes Wikipedia information for the different countries as well as a test function which is a 10 question quiz for beginners or Experts to test their knowledge on the solar system, earth interior and the countries of the world including the animals, dinosaurs and landmarks.

The best feature of the app is the AR capabilities. There are four different choices including animals, dinosaurs, landmarks and weather. When you select one of the choices you hold the smart device over the SmartGlobe to get the AR to activate. You can then select one of the AR items to hear more information about your selection and take photos of it.

You can also use the AR on the solar system and the Earths interior which Elizabeth really enjoyed as she is currently learning about space at school.

The Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer AR is everything I could have hoped for and more. Both of my girls have enjoyed using it over the last few weeks and they have learnt so much collecting lots of stars in the quiz on the app and even using it to learn more about Morocco before we went on holiday. I love the fact that they were taught how to say hello in Arabic whilst being told facts about Morocco.

We would definitely recommend the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe to everyone and if the Explorer AR is out of your price range then make sure you check out one of the other globes available http://store.oregonscientific.com/uk/learning-and-fun/smartglobe.html

You can purchase the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe on Amazon (affiliate link below)