Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset

November 4, 2013 Off By Laura TMOT


Alison was really happy when the postman brought her the Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset by Flair. It has some fabulous features including

  • Removable light up seeking Crystal
  • Secret trapdoor
  • Wind-up Super Lifto lift
  • Flying Tree Fu fun
  • Leaf board ramp


The Leaf board ramp and leaf board are great for Tree Fu Tom to whizz around on. With the holes in Tree Fu Toms feet and matching pegs on the Leaf Board, Tom is able to stand up without falling over. He has whizzed all around our front room on the leaf board and Alison has had lots of fun using her imagination to create different adventures.

Tree Fu Tom has moveable arms but unfortunately they are only jointed at the shoulder and not the elbow so it is hard to do big world magic. This doesn’t seem to have stopped the imagination though.


The Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset comes with a Tree Fu Tom figure, Seeking Crystal, leaf board and circular stand. There are lots of special features like the button for Tom to stand on to light up the crystal, the trap door operated by turning the page of the spell book, the tree fu fun flyer and the Super Lifto lift which raises Tom to the top level. The playset is very spacious and would be great if we had more characters to play with. Alison has added the other figures to her Christmas list and after seeing how much she plays with this I think Santa should definitely pay attention to that request.


When we first looked at the Tree Fu Fun flyer we assumed that is wasn’t built for Tom but with a bit of Mummy power we manages to get Tom onto the flyer and raring to go. The Fun Flyer can take two characters and is really easy to use by spinning the centre.

Alison loves seeing Tree Fu Tom fly and she sings the theme tune as she spins him around.


My favourite feature of the playset is the secret splats.

Using the seeking crystal you can help Tree Fu Tom to find all of the secret splats that the Mushas have thrown all over the castle.

They are only visible when using the special crystal so prepare your big world magic and light up the crystal so Tree Fu Tom can save the day