Food, drink and dice at The Groucho Club


Sitting in a room full of strangers, playing a game I have never played before and getting through to the semi finals is pretty awesome but when you add in the fact it was the World championships and it was held at The Groucho Club and my Monday night was definitely one to remember.

Last night I attended the Perudo 24th World Championship where 65 attendees got split down to just one lucky winner.

Perudo is a game of dice where each of the six players start with five dice. You have to place a bid on how many dice of a certain denomination are on the table but you only know what is under your cup. The next person must either increase the quantity of dice showing that number or increase the denomination of the dice. For example if I called Five fours the next player must either say six fours or five fives (or sixes). They could also call ones and would be able to call three ones. There are other rules in play that ones (or aces as they are called in this game) are wild so if I called six fives and only three fives were on the table but there were also three ones then I would be safe. If you think the person before you is over exaggerating their call then you call Dudo. Each player must then show the dice that they hold. If the Dudo call was right the person who made the false bid loses a dice, if the Dudo call was wrong then the caller loses a dice. This continues until only one dice remains on the table. There are other rules at play when the players get down to one dice but they can be confusing to write down.

The evening went by really quickly and I was amazed when I looked at the time and realised it was eleven thirty. I had been sat talking with so many interesting people and had a great first table with John and Tom from Toy World as well as Jane from Amaze Marketing and Klayton from Cinter Design. I enjoyed this table a lot and it could have been because some of them were just as much of a novice as me. I played the first game well but soon went down hill as the others picked up more skills.  


Taking the game very seriously – Tom and John from Toy world Magazine

As the evening progressed the game got serious and after I was knocked out of the Semi finals the real gaming began. Konnie Huq got the game going and the pressure was on. With bluff, counter bluff and hilarity the evening passed and Dan Reade was crowned 2013 Perudo Champion and presented with a silver Perudo cup and dice.
Next year will be the 25th Perudo championships and I have put my name down and will be practicing my bluffing skills. If you are interested in registering to attend you can sign up for more information at