Listography – Top 5 life lessons

I am really happy to see Listography back because I have never taken part before.

The new Listography topic is your Top 5 life lessons. Its a hard one to think about. I have learnt so much in my life but i suppose I need to think about what I would like my children to know.

What five lessons would I teach my children to help them not make the mistakes that I made or to succeed where I have succeeded.

Lesson 1 – Money is not that important

I have earned lots of money, I have lived of benefits, I have been in debt and I have wasted money but I can’t say that I was ever happier because of money. As long as I could pay the bills to keep a roof over my head and the heating on then that was what was important for me. We vary what we eat based on our budget and if we needed to save money then we would just eat cheaper food or buy it from somewhere else. Days out don’t need to cost money and we can have just as much fun at our local park as we do at a theme park and we don’t need toys to have fun together.

Lesson 2 – Get a skill you can rely on

When I first left school I wanted to work with children. I ended up working in accounts and it was the best thing I could have done. I have used my accountancy skills throughout my career whether now as a self employed writer or in my previous roles. I know that if I really needed to earn money I just need to go and do a few weeks working as agency staff. Having a skill that is useful but also always needed is really important and has set me up for life.

Lesson 3 – Don’t start smoking

Ok I know it is something most parents say but I started smoking young and it took me ten years before I was able to give it up. I have now been an ex smoker for six years but I still get cravings, its not smart, its not clever and it doesn’t make you look cool. It can and will dominate your life though.

Lesson 4 – the same goes for drugs

I know peer pressure can make you think about trying different substances, I know somethings are legal and some are not. Believe me when I tell you that it is not worth the risk, it is not worth the high and it is not worth the come down.
Be the smart one and don’t even try, there is nothing cowardice or weak about being able to say no.

Lesson 5 – Trust your instincts

This is I suppose the most important life lesson I have ever learnt. My instincts told me that Elizabeth was unwell, my instincts were what made me push to go to the hospital and my instincts may have saved her life. It is not the first time my instincts have lead me right but it is definitely the most memorable.

What would your top 5 life lessons be?