Touch Screen Gloves


I don’t know about you but I am addicted to my phone. It is in my hand all all times unless my hands are full of something else, like a laptop!

Being constantly attached to the internet whether checking my emails or lounging around on facebook has now become a bit of a problem. You see it is just too bloody cold! I cant wear gloves and use my touchscreen phone and if I take my gloves off I just get cold hands. I suppose I could just avoid the outdoors completely and send hubby to do all of the school runs but there is actually a better solution.

Paramountzone sent me some lovely Pink Touch Screen Gloves to review. I wasn’t convinced. How could I use my phone and wear gloves? how do these magic gloves work? The tips of each finger are feature an amazing conductive thread that provides the requires capitance to the tips of the fingers (or whatever that means). All I know is that as I walked around the Christmas markets in Manchester this morning I was able to read and answer my emails all whilst keeping my hands and fingers warm. These would make a great Christmas gift for any phone obsessed person and maybe stick some in your basket for you too!