Lights and sounds dinosaur train from TOMY


The Dinosaur train is a fantastic animation that the girls have enjoyed watching since it first started. The toys that have come out are very true to the show and the Lights and Sounds Dinosaur train is no different.

The small train can be extended by purchasing additional carriages with their accompanying characters. All of the carriages clip together easily with the Caboose section of this train always being at the back.

The carriages come with spaces for the characters to stand and you can collect lots of the characters as small figures to go with the set. The Lights and Sounds Dinosaur train comes with Laura the Giganotosaurus who features in a lot of the episodes.

The train engines comes with two pressure points, the chimney makes a typical train chuffing noise and the light comes on at the front, the second point is on part on the engine. By pressing this you get more flashing lights, train sound and a futuristic space type sound that I assume is meant to symbolise going through the time tunnel.

The details on this train would make it perfect for any Dinosaur train fan.