Personalised Notebook from


I absolutely love personalised gifts and stationary. Add the two together and you get a great present for most people.

When I was looking for products for my gift guide I was contacted by who was telling me about their own Christmas Gift guide that they have created full of all sorts of fabulous personalised presents. I automatically fell in love with their Notebooks and with the help of the Notebook comparison page I found my way through to the Photobox site.

The notebook I chose was just under £7 including delivery and it came in lots of different shapes and designs, it could have multiple photos, one large photo or a nice nature design (like mine) in lots of different colours.

A bit of time and effort finding the perfect picture and you can make a present that someone will cherish. Whether a notebook to keep their lists in like mind or a nice calendar to look at all year round. You cant go wrong with a gift like this.