Top Toys – Stretchkins

Stepping away from the high tech toys is always good once in a while and my girls have both been on at me about Stretchkins for ages, I think it is because the advert is so catchy. Stretchkins are pitched as the Huggable Stretchy Friends and come in a variety of styles and there are even a few licensed versions available too.
Stretchkins come with elastic on their hands and feet so you can attach them to your hands and feet, that way they move like you do. This was loads of fun and Elizabeth absolutely loved dancing around the garden with her Stretchkin.

The box says that Stretchkins can stretch up to 150cm but Elizabeth did struggle to lift its arms over her head and she is just over 120cm so this might be more realistic for her age although I am sure I could have stretched it further.

Most kids love cuddly toys and Stretchkins allow children to have a cuddly toy that they can play with and get active with all at the same time.