Top Toys – Sweet Care Spa 

Both of my girls love the idea of pampering and in the past they have had the Orbeez foot spa but we always found it lacking. Back in January at the Toy Fair I was introduced to the Sweet Care range from Sambro and I was interested to see how it would turn out.
We were sent the Foot Spa which is an actual working bubbling foot spa which plays relaxing music. It also somes with a variety of accessories such as nail stickers and a nail file.

Now we absolutely loved the actual foot spa part of this. The ability to put warm water in there and listen to music whilst the water bubbles away around your feet was exactly what Elizabeth had always dreamed off and this is why it is in our top toys list.

The Sweet Care Foot Spa comes with the following items
Foot Spa Station
Nail File
Bottles for nail varnish
Colour changing petals
Toe Seperators
Interchangeable massagers
Set of false nails
Sheets of nail stickers
Sheet of stickers.

I will however point out that I was disappointed with some of the items that came with it. The petals are just chunks of plastic, the false nails are thin plastic and there really is no need for the beads and the empty nail varnish bottles. It seems such as shame that the quality of these items is so poor or just unnecessary after such a wonderful foot spa. It would have actually have been better if none of that stuff was in the box .

This however doesn’t detract from the fact that the foot spa is the best of its type that I have seen that is aimed for children and this alone is what places it in my list.